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Converged Infrastructure 

Resource Augmentation

Case Study

The Customer

A leading UK trade publishing group made up of several publishing companies and imprints including the world's second largest trade and educational publisher. After completion of the new world class HQ the numerous publishing groups were relocated to the central office.

The Requirement

With the publishing companies historically deploying their own communications platforms, a consolidated single unified communications platform was required.

The Solution

Using Cisco, Microsoft and VMware technologies we were able to deliver a Unified Communications platform. On top of this core requirement new telephony billing and email-to-fax solutions were deployed

The Delivery

In the early phases of the project, HelioStor were asked to provide resources to supplement the existing project delivery team. Soon after our consultants were taking on more responsibility and ultimately managing the various 3rd party teams. At the end of the project knowledge transfer sessions were held with the customer's various technical teams to ensure a smooth handover.


The Reason

Our team's reputation and skill levels across multiple technologies were well known to the customer. This, in conjunction with our competitive pricing and flexible resourcing options gave the customer the confidence that we could deliver the high profile project on time and within budget.

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