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A HelioStor Offering

FastStart your Data Migration Project


HelioStor provides FastStart data migration services to help your customers overcome obstacles holding back the adoption of new infrastructure.

Our Professional Services team has the experience, skills and methodologies to quickly migrate your customer's data to new infrastructure. Customer specific, documented processes are put in place which can be handed over to you or customer staff to complete the migrations. Our proven methodology removes the delays associated with skills gaps and resource availability and allows your customer to realise the benefits of their infrastructure sooner.

Using a dedicated team of migration experts quickly pays for itself by accelerating progress onto new infrastructure and facilitating early disposal of the old. 

Reducing business impedance

Reducing resistance to change

Responding to risk aversion


Resolving skills gaps


Resolving Resource availability


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Project Lifecycle

We start the process by using a questionnaire to confirm the project scope and project cost. This questionnaire will form the input into the project kickoff session

Our team will take the environmental information provided by the customer to create key artefacts for the FastStart engagement, including: ​Migration Readiness Report, Remediation Report and Runbook Templates

A detailed Migration Schedule will be agreed and the Runbooks populated. All required migration tools will be installed and configured

Our team will govern and deliver pilot migrations as agreed in the plan

During the pilot migrations your designated team will have opportunity to shadow and receive skills transfer in order to be ready to assume responsibility for the continuing transformation project

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