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Services for Vendors

What can we do for you?

Extend your existing team

HelioStor can supplement your own technical capability with our skills and experience, extending your own consultancy  team's skills and bandwidth.​

Stay competitive by being able to provide professional services to your customers that complement your technology. 

Why try and be in two places at once and offer overstretched services when you can collaborate with us and who'll provide you and your customer with the level of service they expect. ​

Can services really make a difference? 

Have your customers ever experienced technical difficulties or runaway cost of deployment?​

Have you ever considered services to be hard to define and difficult to sell?​

Do your customer relationships continue to grow after the point of sale?​

Do your presales consultants complain that they are too busy helping customers and have no time to do their real job evangelising your portfolio and expanding your business?​​

How do HelioStor help?

We have been engaged on behalf of major technology vendors for many years, delivering high-end complex solutions. Providing simplified scoping and pricing that makes Professional services easy to position and sell. Getting your customer maximum benefit in the shortest possible time.​

Think of us as part of your team and together we can grow your business...… ​​

We invest our time in your technology, learning to help you position and deploy into the marketplace.​

We will support you from early in the sales process right through until delivery is complete.​

We will help you develop propositions that simplify adoption of your technology.​

We will provide you with experienced technical teams and logistical coverage across EMEA.​

Our mature governance model gives you and your customer piece of mind every step of the way, recorded, tracked and delivered on time.​​​

Talk to HelioStor about how we can seamlessly integrate into your own team bringing value to your portfolio. Instant, credible and experienced Technical resources at your fingertips.

Vendor Collaboration

HelioStor have delivered services on behalf of Vendors for more than 20 years and we understand the unique role of the Vendor and the support you have to provide in the Channel (Resellers, Distribution) and for your end customers. With Channel and customers depending on you for products and technical advice for their adoption plus the integration of other vendor partners, developing a technical team for every situation is a challenge and expensive. HelioStor’s mission is to work for you through the complete project lifecycle.


Nobody knows your products like you do but bring HelioStor in as your team and we will invest in you, to learn your portfolio and augment delivery by your own team. Use us to strengthen your partner and customer relationships.


As a Professional Services only organisation, we are devoted to understanding the services element for your products.

How We Can Help

Increase Business Profitability

Reducing the cost of developing your own Technical capability means capital retained for business development


Our expertise and processes reduce your financial commitment


We collaborate with you to develop service propositions that support your portfolio

Strengthen your team

Augmenting your team to meet your peaks and troughs of demand


Extending your services reach to cover new geographic markets.


Our knowledge and experience are yours to add breadth and depth to your own technical services capability and knowledge base.


We can integrate multi-vendor solutions with your alliance partners and advise on complimentary products such as tools to enrich your migration capability


We have over 20 years’ experience of working with Vendors, Channel Partners and your Customers


Your Customers remain your Customers; we promote your products and services on your behalf.


Our mission is to support you and your partners

Faster Sales

Our presales technical advisory informs and directs customers with details specific and relevant to their environment overcoming technical confusion and uncertainty


We help you sell your products with services propositions that simplify adoption


Deployment timeframes determine realistic purchase deadlines. Engage us early to help the customer understand


Access to our experts supports your sales activity and customer meetings

Service Credibility and Customer Confidence

An established team of technical experts with Industry credibility immediately available to support your portfolio


Our services help bring your customer closer and engaged for longer


We limit your technical risk when migrating from legacy infrastructure

Simple Engagement Model

Developing services propositions to support and enhance your portfolio


You own the customer engagement our team report to you and your customer on your behalf.


Fixed Price clearly scoped delivery


Our FastStart offering provides accelerated solution adoption with documented processes passed over to your own resources to complete


We provide flexible expertise as required to support your existing delivery and sales teams

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