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Vendor Support Services

Case Study

The Requirement

As the Pure Storage customer base matured from the early adopters the now trusted solution became the target for storage refreshes. Fast, cost effective solutions and with Evergreen, future migrations could become a thing of the past. This presented a new challenge, deploying new technology into customer environments and moving data and systems onto the new platforms, quickly, risk free and with minimal disruption. What was required was a knowledgeable team with Project governance, delivery methodologies and technical competence that could scope and price the customer requirements whilst demonstrating robust processes that customer’s demand to see when their critical systems are involved.


The Solution

Building a delivery team to meet every customer’s technical needs is expensive and time consuming. To bring in Project governance and technical resources who can start to build bespoke services takes a lot of time and money. HelioStor provided Pure Storage with a technical team and access to a broad spectrum of skills. Our robust processes and vast experience were immediately available to gain customer confidence and demonstrate a mature professional Services capability that could stand with the competition and be a differentiator.


The Delivery

Installations and upgrades


Presales support

Proposition development

Product development

Certification development

Partner training (shadowing/certifying)


The Reason


Established teams

Broad technical expertise

Industry presence


Customer confidence

Fixed price

Quoting Tools



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