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COVID-19 support

COVID-19 is changing the way that we have to think about working in IT. The impact affects us all but the reality is that we will get through and we in IT need to do everything that we can to make sure that we keep business running through the storm.

At HelioStor we have a team of highly experienced resources who have been supporting the underlying Data Centre infrastructure throughout their careers. Like you, our business is having to adapt to work in ways that reflect the current crisis. Much of our business is working closely with customers and as a direct result we have resources to deploy and we are working hard to understand how our services can benefit customers in new ways demanded by the current crisis and the need for social distancing.

We have worked with our strategic partners to identify services that can be delivered remotely but we would really like to understand if there is more that we could do to adapt to support your business. We have put together a catalogue of services that can be delivered remotely. 

It is a sad reality that people will be personally affected by COVID-19. 

Do you have contingency plans to support your systems when your team need to be focused elsewhere?

Would it be useful for you to have access to experienced, versatile resources with accounts and site knowledge who you could call on if the situation demanded it?

We have a service that has been adapted to help. 

Remote Locum Resource Service

Named technical resources to be onboarded into your organisation.

Our team of infrastructure experts will go through our standard handover process building a documented overview which can be held in our libraries.

We will stay in touch with you on a regular basis to ensure our documentation kept is up to date.

When you need us, our resources will integrate into your team seamlessly allowing your business to continue with minimal disruption.

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